If you hate the portability of tablets but love the glare, you might be interested in this "digital textbook" from Kno. Weighing it at 5.5lbs., its two 14.1-inch displays look like they were brought down from the mount. Kno, seriously:

If you think it looks big in the pic above, check out this hands-on shot Engadget grabbed at D8:


The specs on Kno actually don't sound all that bad: Tegra 2 running the show, 16GB storage, six to eight hours of battery life, stylus and touch support. Of course, you're also dealing with an apparently buggy Linux UI and an asking price of around $1000 (which, hey, $500 per screen!).

The argument for: textbooks are crazy expensive, so in the long run this could save you money. The argument against: you could put a textbook on a single tablet (almost) just as easily. Still, it's always great to see innovation—even of the impractical variety. [Engadget]

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