Kodak and Motorola Join Hands For Better Cameraphones

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Ok, here's a pretty good partnership for ya. Looks like Motorola and Kodak have have played nice and decided to come together for a new "mobile-imaging experience." What that means to us is better imaging in our Motorola phones.

The collaboration covers licensing, sourcing, software integration, marketing, and extends to co-development of image-rich devices with joint engineering teams. For example, Kodak expects to supply its CMOS sensors to Motorola for use in its camera phones, as well as in any future devices the companies co-develop. Additionally, the cooperation to seamlessly integrate millions of Motorola mobile devices with Kodak home printers, retail kiosks, and the KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery will finally provide an answer to those consumers who desire a quick and easy way to get their images out of the phone for sharing with friends and family.


Expect to see these products sometime this year.

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