Kodak's Ridiculous New Smartphone Looks Like an Old Camera

Image: Kodak

A few years ago, Kodak started making unremarkable smartphones, because that’s what happens when film is dead and your once-revered company basically just licenses its name out other places. Now Kodak has a new smartphone with an old name: the Ektra.

It looks absolutely ridiculous.

Designed to look like a classic pocket camera (the original Kodak Ektra from the 1940s was a rangefinder), this Android 6.0-running smartphone is targeted at the type of consumer who thinks Kodak ever made good photography equipment (spoiler, it didn’t). It also has a massive camera bump.

Image: Kodak

But it’s what’s inside the phone that makes this even more pathetic. A Mediatek processor, 3GB of RAM and a 21-megapixel, and “fast-focus camera sensor,” not to mention a “textured” finish that looks like leather (but is probably just some sort of plastic), this things screams cheap. The Ektra also comes bundled with Snapseed and a “Super 8 Video Recorder,” which I guess is cool. It’s also selling for £449 ($550) and will be available across Europe later this year.

And to think that we were actually excited about Kodak, after the company released that genuinely cool Super 8 film camera at CES…

[Kodak via Photography Blog]


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