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Konami Releasing Silent Hill, DDR and Frogger for iPhone, Too

Illustration for article titled Konami Releasing Silent Hill, DDR and Frogger for iPhone, Too

While Konami's announcement of Metal Gear Solid for the iPhone is tough to be topped, the company will also be releasing a few of their other big franchises as well, including Silent Hill and DDR.


Silent Hill: The Escape, DanceDanceRevolution S Lite and Frogger are all in the works for the iPhone/iPod touch platform.


A version of DDR certainly makes the most sense, even if tapping a screen with your fingers can't really match the experience of a full-out dance pad. And Silent Hill is just more evidence that, if properly executed, the platform could gain the street cred from hardcore mobile gamers (well, if pinch/tap kills will ever be seen as hardcore). As for Frogger, hell, I'll play it. While Metal Gear is confirmed for a Spring 2009 release, the others are just promised to show some time "soon."

Konami Announces Plans to Release Top Franchise Titles For the Apple® iPhone™ and iPod® touch in North America

Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, DanceDanceRevolution, and Frogger Coming Soon
EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (Dec. 17, 2008) - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that the company will be releasing mobile games for the iPhone and iPod touch based on four of its top-selling franchises in North America. Metal Gear Solid Touch, Silent Hill: The Escape, DanceDanceRevolution S Lite and Frogger will all be specifically designed to take full advantage of the iPhone's unique touch screen capabilities.

"Konami Mobile offers gamers nothing but the best by developing high quality, big-name titles with unparalleled mobile entertainment experiences," said Anthony Borquez, Vice President of Konami Mobile and Online. "We are extremely excited to be working with Apple to introduce North American consumers with popular franchises that are compatible with the iPhone and iPod's advanced technologies."

All four of the top-selling Konami titles have been re-designed to take full advantage of the iPhone's capabilities, including the innovative Multi-Touch™ interface and accelerometer. For more information, please visit

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Where're are all the people who laughed at the prospect of the iPhone becoming a serious contender as a gaming platform, hmmmmm?

Like Shub-Niggurath says above, while I don't think the iPhone will every become a "better" portable game console than a PSP or a DS, with the amount, price, and quality of games coming out for my iPhone (which I already own), I have fewer and fewer reasons to buy games for my PSP or to buy a DS (which I wanted badly to do just a couple of years ago).

And if you think Sony and Nintendo aren't taking notice, then you are .... challenged.