Kool-Aid Man Bursts Into the Future With a CGI Makeover

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Nearly 60 years since he first appeared in an advertisement, Kool-Aid man is finally breaking through the digital wall to a new CGI-look. Oooooooh yeah!


Kool-Aid Man was first introduced as a crudely animated "Pitcher Man" in 1954. Eventually, the animation evolved into a man in weird pitcher costume. The script of each commercial was comically identical:

Kid 1: I'm hot and thirsty.
Kid 2: This is a job for Kool-Aid.
Kids 1 and 2 in unison: Hey, Kool-Aid!


Then, the giant, unweildy pitcher would awkwardly burst through all sorts of different barriers to save the day.

For example he would crash through a recently painted picket fence...

...an absurdly thin ceiling...


...or a backyard shed.


The new CGI Kool-Aid man has a much more realistic look than the weird dude in a costume (if a giant pitcher can be said to be realistic). It also means that advertising agencies can do more with Kool-Aid Man. Whereas before he could only just jump around and wave arms foolishly, Kraft can now actually develop Kool-Aid Man's personality. According to the release, he's on his way to some riveting adventures:

The print and television campaigns, geared toward moms, offers insight into Kool-Aid Man's personality and a first glimpse into his daily life: trying to decide which of his 22 flavor "outfits" to wear, working out at the gym, buying flowers and interacting with neighbors, and of course, breaking through walls.


Phew, thank god, they're gonna let him keep busting through walls. [PRNewswire via NPR]

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It was always funny having him appear on Family Guy.