Kor Vida Is a Gorgeous Take on the Steel Water Bottle

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We're big fans of Kor's futuristic looking water bottles—er, vessels, as the company calls them, 'cause it's cooler—and they've just debuted the newest addition to the line: the Vida, which comes in two sizes, is their take on the ubiquitous reusable steel water bottle. It looks very nice!

They sought to make a steel bottle that was easier to hold and easier to sip. The tapered design and handle on the cap help make it totable, and they've replicated the "Perfect Spout" feature from their other models on the Vida, which should let you drink from the thing without accidentally pouring water all over your face. So that's good. It's available in three colors in both 500 mL and 750 mL sizes, for $22 and $25 respectively. If you're still drinking bottled water, this is a beautiful way to break the habit. [Kor Vida]

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I drink almost everything at home with a Kor classic. I love it and it holds like a bottle and a half of water so I don't have to go back for drinks too often. I call it my drinking apparatus.