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Korea's Massive 364-Foot Taekwon V Statue Will Crush Puny Humans

Illustration for article titled Koreas Massive 364-Foot Taekwon V Statue Will Crush Puny Humans

Holy crap! So Japan builds giant Gundam and Testsujin statues (59 and 60-feet, respectively), now Korea is building this freakin' huge Taekwon V (Voltar the Invincible) replica that will be more than twice the height of the Statue of Liberty.


Taekwon V will be the center-piece of Robot Land, a nearly $600 million dollar development of entertainment areas, exhibition halls, research centers and businesses that we've mentioned in the past. Though it broke ground long before the Japanese projects, many believe Korea's Taekwon V cartoons copied Japan's Mazinger Z in the first place. Reow.


The park is set to open to the public in 2012, with full access starting in 2013. And yes, that's a monorail whizzing past Taekwon V's ankles. Awesome. [Robot Land (translated) via Plastic Pals]

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Alright, if us Americans were to build a robot to represent for our country, who would we build? And no talking about past plans for Michael Jackson walking about in the Nevada desert with lasers. That shit does not count.

Also, if these countries really wanted to, why couldn't they just build fully functioning robot replicas, so that they can be alive and easily controlled? Well, besides financial reasons, of course.