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This is a kosher vending machine located at the E-Walk Theatre on 42nd Street, in Manhattan, NY. It sells hot tasty nosh, but only 24/6. Why? Because it's Shabbos, that's why.


In case you don't know what Shabbos is:

Shabbat or Shabbos is the weekly Sabbath or day of rest in Judaism, symbolizing the seventh day in Genesis, after the six days of creation.


And since this machine sells kosher food for shomer shabbos-people who observe the mitzvot and therefore respect the shabbos-it rests on the seventh day.

Which brings up the question: Was God really a very powerful vending machine serving hot grilled Reuben galaxies and primordial matzah ball life soup for $1.50 each? Probably, only Walter Sobchak knows:

[Thanks OMG Ponies]

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