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Lady Wasteland is a Dystopia on the Verge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tonight is the fifth episode of the kickass postapocalyptic Web TV show Lady Wasteland, which will pick up right after our heroine (the titular Lady Wasteland) gun-fu'd her way out of a robbery, rescued a guy and his kid, got shot by a mysterious someone, had her blood drunk by zombies, then narrowly escaped. Plus, civilization has collapsed and we don't know why. This cool show, co-created by Mark Roush, is a near-future version of Firefly with scrappy heroes on a brokedown frontier. It's exactly the kind of show that should get picked up by SciFi Channel now that Battlestar Galactica is heading into its final season.

I chatted with Roush over email, who said he's definitely interested in moving over to traditional television, but that he wouldn't dismiss just staying Web. Why did he pick the gun-toting, Xena-esque heroine, played by Brynne Worley?

Alien had a huge effect on me when I was a kid because of seeing a strong woman stand up to incredible odds. I originally called the story Gentleman Wasteland but figured there were so many lead characters in post-apocalyptic films who were men, that a strong leading woman may be more compelling for our audience. I have always enjoyed seeing lead female characters in action/adventure movies and simply put... I find them quite often to be equally if not more bad-ass then most leading men.


There will be an initial run of seven episodes of Lady Wasteland, airing every Friday night. [Lady Wasteland]