Lanterns Have Bluetooth Now

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Ever thought to yourself: “This lantern is great, but I sure wish I could control it from my smartphone?” No? Well no matter, Princeton Tec just made it anyways.

The flashlight firm’s new foldable LED lanters are actually pretty sweet. They weigh just 313 grams and the plastic lens squishes down while the legs fold under the base to make a compact carry package. Max brightness is 250 Lumens and they come with a rechargeable lithium battery, but also accept AAs, for when you leave it in the closet for 6 months and that rechargeable loses its electric mojo. You don’t have to have or use the Bluetooth.

The use case for a Bluetooth-equipped lantern is obviously remote control. Need to hoist your lantern up a tree to illuminate a whole campsite? You won’t need to bring it down to adjust its brightness or turn it off. Woken up in the middle of the night by a scary sound? You don’t need to unzip yourself from the ironclad protection of your tent to see that it’s just the wind. At REI with co-op credit to burn and a sucker for new technology? Right this way sir! Just remember Bluetooth’s max range is 30 feet.


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