So, a buddy of mine had this junker HP ze5400 Laptop. I don't have any clue why he bought it to begin with, but the keyboard crapped out on him so he did what any reasonable geek did, and scrapped the good parts and sold the rest on Ebay. The guy who finally won the laptop sent a message saying "overnight the laptop to me and I'll get it in an episode of Heroes." The friend of mine was hesitant, but overnighted it anyway. Flash forward a month and a half later and the buyer held true to his word and the laptop appeared on the show Heroes.

This is just a lesson. You never know what worthless, broken gadgets of yours will eventually become superstar celebrities on hit television shows. So get to Ebay and start selling that worthless crap. Hit the link to read the full, somewhat entertaining, story.

I'm a celebrity, you're not... [Summel]