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Sprint's new handset, the M1, looks hot enough from the front. With its almost-loud stereo speakers, 2MP cam, widescreen external LCD, and media controls, it has the feature-density of a smartphone in a clamshell form. But a passing glance from the side reveals it's a butch 0.9-inch thick clamshell; so it's more like a giant clam. Now we know why none of the press shots floating on the web are profile.

Mark Spoonauer, who seems to get a lot of Sprint gear first, gives it the meh score of 3 outta 5, for its inability to expand on its 1GB of internal flash mem, and formentioned form factor.


Seems like Sprint's M610 slim clamshell has a bit more to offer, for less money.


Sanyo M1 [Laptop]

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