If you're going to get your laptop stolen by anyone, better hope it's by this Swede, who copied the laptop's data onto a USB stick and sent it to his victim in the post a week later.

As the victim, a professor at Sweden's Umeå University, told the Västerbottens-Kuriren newspaper "this story makes me feel hope for humanity." Of course, you could argue that had the thief had a touch more humanity in his bones he wouldn't have stolen the laptop in the first place, but at least he left the professor's credit cards and money in the bag the laptop was stolen from. The only other thing that was stolen, bizarrely, was his library card.


It took a week for the professor to receive the USB stick in the post, containing all of the laptop's data, and presumably by then he'd replaced it with a new machine so he could reinstall everything. This is the best possible argument against those fingerprint-scanning laptops we're bound to ever hear. [The Local via Pogowasright via Gawker]

Image Credit: Jypsygen

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