Originally, this question was going to involve how often you bring a laptop to coffee shops, but when I discussed it with our own Jason Chen, he revealed to me that he always wondered what people do when they inevitably have to go to the bathroom. Immediately I realized that was a far more entertaining and thought provoking angle. Seriously-what do you do when you have a laptop open and you have had multiple cups of coffee? Do you pack everything up and bring it in the bathroom with you? Do you take a chance and leave it sitting on the table? Or do you simply wait until you are finished working?


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On a related note, have you ever spent a minute or two counting the people using a laptop in your local Starbucks? DavidJr.com did. He walked into 10 locations in NYC and started counting. I have to admit that the results are kind of surprising. Hit the link to check out the vid. [David Jr]

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