Last Man On Earth Clips Are Delightful, But Also Deeply Depressing

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The title says it all for new comedy series Last Man On Earth starring Will Forte, but these clips touch on something a lot darker. It's great, and makes sense as the talent behind this premise includes includes LEGO Movie lords ChrisMiller and Phil Lord.

The pilot was penned by Forte and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. We've seen a few promos for the series, but these are the first clips we've gotten to peruse. And this shit is dark, as it should be. If I was left alone on the planet, I can't tell you how quickly I would turn into a destructive monster, but it looks like Forte is teetering on the edge. Really excited to see how this one turns out, and just from the clips, it really looks like Forte is going to be great doing all the heavy lifting for this show.