9to5mac is reporting some last-minute leaks ahead of the Apple event later today. Chief amongst them are that the iPod's new connection will be named "Lightning"‚ÄĒpresumably to complement Thunderbolt‚ÄĒand a reaffirmation that the company will launch a new set of headphones to be known as "Earpods".


There are no new speculative details about the new iPhone connection save for the name. But that in itself is quite fun: Thunderbolt and Lightning. Geddit?

As for the Earpods, a source apparently tells 9to5mac that they'll sell for $30 by themselves. The site admits it doesn't know for sure if they would come as standard with the iPhone but... why wouldn't they? We'll soon find out.

Elsewhere, 9to5mac also reports that the same source has told it that a new iPod shuffle will remain at its current 2GB capacity‚ÄĒwhich seems a little odd‚ÄĒbut it should come in a range of new colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver, ‚Äėslate' and red. So, umm, that's OK, then?


Obviously there's no way of knowing if these rumors are accurate or otherwise, but we'll find out later today. [9to5mac]