LCD Burn-in Exists, And It Isn't Pretty

Despite what the floor salesmen at Best Buy tell you about Plasmas vs. LCDs, LCD TVs actually do get burn-in. Sure, it takes longer to make that "Fox News" logo locked into your TV even when you're watching, say, The Venture Bros., but it'll get there. As you can see in this 22-inch Sharp LCD at Bic Camera in Japan, the "0" in the 1980 yen appears even when the number doesn't. We just wish the guys who took this picture knew how to use a camera correctly.

Sharp's Senior Vice President said that the condition can be reversed by "exercising" the pixel by playing snow, or turning off the screen for a while. What he didn't say was whether this works on all screens, and how long it takes to clear the stuck pixels. [HDGuru]


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