Leak: HP webOS Phone Looks Like Pre 3 Without Keyboard

Take away Palm's—sorry, HP's—jelly-chiclit buttons, and whaddya have? Something that resembles this monstrous leaked phone, which is said to be like an an "EVO with webOS," referring to HTC's behemoth.

PreCentral has looked at the leaked photo long enough to ascertain it has a screen res of around 480 x 800, and a front-facing camera—but as the photo's so blurry, I wouldn't put all your hopes and dreams into these purported specs. Unfortunately there's no name to tie to it either, though the website that received the tip is thinking it might be (codenamed) Stingray.


Meanwhile, the same tipster also let loose with a pic of the Pre 3 running on Verizon's network, which you can see below. [PreCentral]

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