Leaked: A Bunch of Upcoming US Samsung Phones

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Phone Arena looks to have leaked a slew of upcoming Samsung phones, and they don't look half bad. That budget-looking clamshell (Alltel, SCH-R600 Hue II) will feature removable covers and a 2MP camera, while the more premium-looking SGH-A777 is an AT&T slider with a modest 1.3MP camera. OK, now that we have those specs out of the way, onto the good stuff, among it three touchscreen phones that bare a striking resemblance to Sprint's precious Instinct, bound for all three of Sprint's nemeses.


The Instinct-like AT&T Eternity A867 and T-Mobile’s Behold T919 (lower left) will both feature Samsung's fancy new TouchWiz interface and could each feature a 5MP camera. Who does Samsung think we are, Korea or something?

The Behold will also reportedly feature QWERTY, GPS, video recording...but no Wi-Fi.

Those three phones in the bottom corner are destined for Verizon Wireless and known as the Saga (I770), the OMNIA (I910) and the Renown (U810). Both the Saga and OMNIA run Windows Mobile—despite its Instinct look and interface, the OMNIA isn't an exact competitor—while both the Saga and Renown are world phones, supporting CDMA and GSM. [Phone Arena via Into Mobile and BGR]



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