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Leaked iPhone Architecture: The Best April Fool You Missed

Illustration for article titled Leaked iPhone Architecture: The Best April Fool You Missed

A "leaked" document that supposedly shows the iPhone's OSX architecture has surfaced via the document sharing website Scribd. Wired's Gadget Lab is one of several blogs that is running with the story today. It's an extremely subtle and nuanced fake by Charles Ying. How do we know?


Maybe the first hint is the date stamp, which is April 1 in Unix. A few of the other components are based on info that emerged after the intro of the Apple TV. All the mysteries are revealed on Charles Ying's blog.

Ying, a former software architect with Openwave who is now working with the startup Pixverse, uploaded the file yesterday morning and posted it on Digg as a test to see who would pick it up. Some former Apple engineers saw it too (they were in the midst of their own prank, a joke that Safari was being shut down) and helped propagate the joke.


The iPhone Aloha Architecture Overview is .... []

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Pancakes?? FRENCH TOAST!!

Further proof that tech people are never nearly as clever and witty as they think they are.