Illustration for article titled Leaked Photo of HTCs EVO Shift 4G Shows Its Got a Sliding Keyboard

Another 4G Android phone with a sliding keyboard is on its way out, with the first photo of HTC's EVO Shift 4G appearing over the weekend. Rumored to be a small-statured phone, it also looks to be wearing a case.


Supposedly screen size is at 3.7-inches, and it'll run Android 2.2—though that's obviously not final, given Gingerbread is now out of the bag. Whatever it's running, it does look like this particular phone's screen has been Photoshopped—you can make out the letters "ROFL" above the sun, for starters.

With the same 800MHz processor as T-Mobile's G2, and 512MB of RAM, we can expect it to be a Sprint version of the G2. [SprintUsers via AndroidCentral via AndroidLife]


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