Leaked Video of HTC's Windows Phone 7 Device

Hot on the heels of the leaked HTC Desire HD video comes this pristine look at the HTC Schubert, an aluminum unibody handset that's purportedly one of the flagship Windows Phone 7 devices. That's a good-looking phone, right there.


The HTC Shubert is the second substantive Windows Phone 7 leak in the past few days, as we saw what looked to be an Asus effort last Friday. As for the Schubert, no real specs or details are available yet. But if this and the Asus turn out to be the real deal, it looks like Microsoft's already got two solid show ponies in the Windows Phone 7 stable. [24/7 Windows Phone via BGR]


Anti-Star Super-Christ

That is a sexy ass phone right there. I don't care who you are.

Had this design come out of Apple, everyone on here would be praising the hell out of it. But because it's WinMo and HTC, it will be written off.