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We mentioned the Leapfrog FLY Pentop Computer before, but this time, it's finally hit shelves. As we mentioned, this is a computer built inside a special pen "computer", and works with specially made paper. For example, you've got some crazy calculator function: you draw some numbers on the paper, a plus sign, and an equal sign. Then you simply tap a number, and it'll say the number out loud. Tap 2, the plus sign, and 4, and the equal sign, and the pen will yell out 6. This also works if you draw out a musical keyboard; it'll play out a tune depending on which notes you tap. I didn't believe the hype until I actually saw a demo of this first-hand — the technology blew me away.


Targeted primarily for tweens, the FLY Pentop computer is intended as a learning device, with various educational applications and games. Some of it sounded quite cheesy (like a trading card baseball game, plus a password journal for teen girls) but maybe that's just 'cause I'm an old and jaded 26-year-old. The rest of the apps sounded actualy cool and useful: a scheduler, a Spanish language translator, etc. I actually would like to see this technology upgraded for adult-use, perhaps as a PDA, or an advanced note-taking system... I would definitely prefer using this thing to grappling with stylus Graffiti.

Suggested retail price for FLY Pentop Computer is $99, while various accessories and applications range from $5 to $35.


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