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Learn the Embattled History of The Muppet Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The Muppets of The Muppet Show.
The Muppets of The Muppet Show.
Image: The Jim Henson Company

The Muppet Show is still, decades later, the gold standard of goofy, family friendly primetime television, the glorious moment that made the Muppets worldwide stars. Thanks to DefunctTV, we can see how it happened.

In this documentary video, the third in a series on the work and legacy of Jim Henson, the excellent Defunctland delves into the creation and eventual massive success of The Muppet Show, which faced a bevy of problems: being forced to shoot in the UK, having a limited budget, struggling to book celebrities who initially didn’t understand the appeal of the show (and didn’t see any appeal in the small paycheck).

Defunctland is a brilliant YouTube channel, and like their looks at theme parks, this deep dive is educational and entertaining. The Muppets were an amazing part of my childhood, and I still love them deeply. Check this one out.


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