Lederhosen. Laptop. Sleeve.

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I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I need to shut up as you let the wonderful of the world's first lederhosen MacBook sleeve wash over you. Sure, fine, getting out of your way.

Okay, you all good? This thing makes no sense at all and it's delightful for it. CoverBee wants you to know it's modeled after genuine Bavarian Lederhosen, which is traditionaohmygodIdon'tcareit's PANTS. For. My. MacBook. German pants. Fancy German pants! The pants-sleeve's made to fit a 13-inch MacBook Pro, but it hugged our 13-inch MacBook Air more or less fine once we tightened the functioning suspender straps(!!). It also comes in 10-, 15-, and 17-inch big-boy sizes, and there are even pockets for your accessories.

The Leder-sleeve is $200, which is a little steep, but if you're not at least a little charmed by this wonderful thing I hope someone clogs you in the face. [CoverBee]