Lego Dimensions' Ghostbusters Packs Will Include Stay Puft and Slimer

If you don’t have a recent generation console that can play the upcoming Lego Dimensions game, today you finally have a good reason to upgrade now that these Ghostbusters expansion packs have been revealed. Because no Lego collection is complete without a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Minifig.


The Ghostbusters expansion packs include two Fun Packs with Slimer, Stay Puft, and ‘Terror Dog’ Minifigs. But there’s also a Level Pack that includes a tiny version of Ecto-1, a Peter Venkman Minifig, and a ghost trap. Pricing is still a bit of a mystery, but you can expect the Level Pack to be slightly more expensive given it unlocks more content in the game.

Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment also revealed that Lego Dimensions will include unlockable Adventure Worlds which are open environments allowing players to explore a more sandbox-style world that are separate from the game’s main story. If you’re the type of gamer who likes to just drive around the cities in Grand Theft Auto and ignore the missions, it sounds like these Adventure Worlds will be your thing.


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