LEGO Factory Space Revives Most Loved Theme, Going Pew Pew Soon

We knew LEGO Space, one of the most loved LEGO lines in history, was going to be revived. Now we have nine official photos and full details of the new LEGO Factory Space. Created by two US LEGO masters, they will be launched on April 16 with two sets ready to battle, one with baddy Space Skull minifig and the other with Star Justice. We are missing Space Tonto and Space Girl, but hopefully this will grow into a full-blown theme soon.


LEGO Factory Space is lifting off soon!

Are you a Space Skull or a Star Justice?

2 sets launching on April 16:

10191 Star Justice
10192 Space Skulls

Both retail for $99.99 USD, available at or through LEGO Stores.

Space Skulls (designed by LEGO fan Mark Sandlin from Georgia)
- Skullfighter features opening cockpit, freem blasters and fuel cells
- Skullbot features freem blaster and grasping claw
- Skullmecha features heavy freem cannons and missiles
- Skullmecha has 12 mobile arms and is the chosen vehicle of the Space Skull Commander
- Hover skull transport features dual frap cannons and troop transport area

Star Justice (designed by LEGO fan Chris Giddens from Georgia)
- Cosmic Peace Keeper and Hypersled have sliding landing gear
- Mobile Cargo Transport has eight wheels with suspension and carries equipment over any terrain
- Star Outpost 7 has storage and reloading place for the energy units
- Four Justice bots with scanner-tool
- Cosmic Peace Keeper has a sliding cockpit


I like the space station a lot. Now, I hope they revive the mini Star Wars line and I will be a happy minifig. [LEGO in Gizmodo]


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