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Lego-Sweeping Robovac Made of Lego Bricks Is the Best Thing to Happen to Bare Feet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you’ve got kids at home, or if you’re just incredibly careless with your own Lego collection, YouTube’s The Brick Wall has built a Roomba-like robovac that sweeps any errant plastic pieces off your floors, letting you finally walk around barefoot with impunity.

The vacuum—it itself, made from Lego bricks—relies on a sweeping conveyor belt system instead of suction to gobble up random pieces and deposit them into a self-emptying hopper. The device can apparently handle almost any part that Lego makes, but for larger items that don’t disassemble, such as hefty truck tires, the robovac also has a retractable robot arm that can pick up individual parts.


It’s not autonomous—it’s controlled by a manual remote instead of sensors—but this vacuum seems like an easy way to convince kids to clean up their Lego bricks, instead of the choice words you’re forced to use when you accidentally step on one.

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