Lego has dabbled in wearable accessories in the past, but it looks like the company is finally moving past just watches and keychains by teaming up with Uniqlo for a new line of t-shirts available in both kids and adult sizes and designs.

The adult versions, available now in the Uniqlo UK online store, feature more subtle designs than the kids tees. So grownup fans of the building toy will be able to show their love of the plastic bricks, without necessarily looking like a walking billboard for the company. Although, if you’re happy to shill for Lego, there are adult designs emblazoned with its icon logo as well.

Pricing appears to be around $19 each for the adult sized tees, and around $12 for the kids versions. Presumably they’ll eventually be available in the US version of Uniqlo’s online store too, so those of us in North American can skip the hassle and cost of trying to get them shipped from overseas.

[Uniqlo via Hoth Bricks]

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