Leica Leaks Out New High-End S System With 37MP, Almost-Medium-Format S2 DSLR

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Leica's been busy lately, on the fetishistic high-end as always; their ultra-fast f/0.95 Noctilux lens wowed us a few weeks back, the new M8.2 digital rangefinder and C-Lux and D-Lux compacts also hit, and now they've expanded their digital range to include the S-series ultra high-res DSLR. Aimed at studio pros who would have been medium-format shooters in the film world (advertising, fashion, etc), the S2's specs as leaked in this page from Professional Photographer magazine are characteristically audacious for Leica. The S2 will feature a brand new 30x45mm sensor, which sits comfortably between a full-frame 35mm sensor and true medium format (as found in digital backs like Phase One's crazy 65MP P65+). But unlike other massive quasi-medium format cameras, the S2 will have a more compact DSLR form factor similar to Leica's R-series. Nine new Leica lenses will also round out the system. No price, but you know, crazy expensive as always. [Professional Photographer scan on Flickr]