Lenny Kravitz: You Use Your iPhone Like a Dickhead (Updated)

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What do you do when you used to have some songs that were on the radio a decade ago, but nobody really thinks about you anymore? Why, walk around the streets of Manhattan with a giant, conspicuous, idiotic iPhone handset.

Maybe I just don't understand Lenny Kravitz's out of control rock lifestyle, and maybe I'm just bitter because I'd get the shit kicked out of me if I ever tried to walk down the street in that outfit, but seriously, Mr. Kravitz, you look like a jerkoff. You have to try so, so very hard to make someone with a Bluetooth headset look relatively un-lame, and you've accomplished just that—a feat more Herculean than your Grammy. I hope you were on the phone with your agent, who was suggesting that you never leave your apartment looking so fucking stupid ever again. [WWTDD via Jason]


For comparison, our Kyle VanHemert has modeled a similar getup. So the question is now, who wore it better?