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Lenovo's rolled out three new monitors, but only one of them really grabs our attention: the L2461x Wide, a 23.6-inch (1920x1080) display with capacitive multitouch goodness. Don't believe the marketing, though: you'll need to provide your own disembodied hands.

The L2461x Wide also includes a 2MP camera, a USB 2.0 hub with four ports, and full HD support from its white LED backlit panel, as well as a 170-degree horizontal viewing angle. It's also Energy Star 5.0 certified, which should help out with the electric bill.


Lenovo's other new models include the 23-inch L2361p Wide, which also packs full HD support but lacks multitouch or a camera better than 0.3MPs. At the lower end, the L2261 is a 21.5-inch display that comes with a stand but offers neither multitouch nor webcam.

There's no official pricing or release date yet on any of these, though you can find the L2461x Wide online for $646. Although it's probably worth waiting for official word on both before hitting the checkout button. [Thinkpads via Engadget]

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