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Let The Woz Guide You Through 2,000 Years of Computer History

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

California's Computer History Museum got a little star power today, as the legendary Steve Wozniak came by to guide journalists through tech heaven—from 19th century census calculators to 60s machines that look like spaceships. And he was thrilled.

Woz made it clear that the exhibit—which spans two millennia of computing— was just as much a treat for him as everyone else. And probably more so. Personal anecdotes abounded, such as his memories of breaking into Stanford's Linear Accelerator Center and reading computer mags. Which is probably the Woz-iest Woz thing I've ever heard—the man is truly awesome.


He also beamed as he walked past a giant 1950s IBM hard drive, making sure to note that both he and the storage dinosaur hailed from San Jose.


This gorgeous, sexy, and thoroughly sci-fi 1960s Honeywell grabbed attention too—though Woz denied it influenced his Apple II design.

Check out the rest of the tour at Technologizer—it's a pleasure to see tech royalty in his rightful domain. [Technologizer]