Let's Start Over: Music to Reinstall an Operating System To

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Reinstalling an operating system always feels like a herculean task, especially if your hard drive is as disorganized as mine. That's why we've created a playlist to listen to as you go through the not-so-fun process.


There are always emotional phases to this kinda stuff.

The anger frustration comes from knowing you have to backup the important files from your hard drive and waste a night shuffling 0s and 1s back and forth, finding those obscure files you'll know you won't even think about for like 5 years. You hate your computer for making you do this. You might even kick it a few times. Although by the time you're erasing the drive, you have already accepted the fact that you'll have to set everything up again. And by the time you've started your install, you can see the ray of light at the end of the tunnel, although waiting for the install can test one's patience as you watch the "pot of water" boil.

But when it's all done, you're left with a pristine system, free of corruption (and 5pcs Cialis). You have a sense of new beginning: now that your computer is clean, you're free to take on the world. Everything that you haven't accomplished will be ten times easier now...at least, until next week, when your computer desktop looks as disheveled as ever.

Here's a soundtrack to get you through the ordeal.

Backing Up Your Data, Formatting
Save Me, Nina Simone

Or the Aretha Franklin cover, which I prefer.

Where Is My Mind? by the Pixies, via Michael Yap

Melt! by Flying Lotus

*The last minute of this youtube clip is Melt!

Ride of the Valkyries

Search and Destroy by Iggy Pop and the Stooges, via Kat Hannaford

Ghostwriter by RJD2

Computer Love by Kraftwerk.

Computer Camp Love (Villains Remix) by Datarock, via hiredg3Ek

*this is not the remix video

La Guitaristic House Organization by rinôçérôse, Installation Sonore.

Fingerstips, Stevie Wonder.

Bits and Pieces by Junior Boys

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Listening Test: It's music tech week at Gizmodo.



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