LG Reportedly Wants to Sell You a Flexible OLED Phone This Year

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According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, LG is planning to launch a flexible OLED smartphone before the end of 2013.


The Journal reports that the company's vice president of mobile, Yoon Bu-hyun, has stated that the company's first flexible OLED phone will roll out some time in quarter four of this year. The bendable screen is itself apparently made by LG Display, and the phone release will be a culmination of a long period of R&D by the company.

What's less clear is exactly how flexible the phone will be. Samsung of course has also been betting big on flexible, but when it showed off prototypes at this year's CES the most market-ready looking phone only employed a flexible OLED to create a curved notification area on the side of the device. That's far from the sci-fi dream of a rollable, foldable phone—but it is, we guess, a step in the right direction.

With that in mind, it remains to be seen what LG will offer up toward the end of year—but it might pay to keep your expectations relatively modest. [Wall Street Journal via Slash Gear]

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