LG to Show Off 480Hz Trumotion Display at CES

Illustration for article titled LG to Show Off 480Hz Trumotion Display at CES

In a classic more=betterer move, LG is planning to top their current 240Hz sets (and Sony's wonderfully advertised 200Hz Bravias) with an otherwise mysterious 480Hz LCD television.

The display is claimed to have a 4ms response time, and uses a "scanning backlight" technology to leverage the company's 240Hz Trumotion technology into an effective 480 images per second. Important details like screen size, resolution, and whether or not anyone actually wants a 480Hz display (many claim that the frame interpolation effects used in such sets are distracting) will be announced at CES in January. [LG Phillips]

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Excaclty how is this going to make a difference in flicker-free screens with movies that display 24 frames a second?