LG's Upcoming LH95 is the Thinnest LCD TV Yet

Illustration for article titled LG's Upcoming LH95 is the Thinnest LCD TV Yet

LG plans to take the thinnest LCD TV crown at CES 2009 with the LH95, which supports 240Hz and a 2 million to 1 contrast ratio.


So if you want THE thinnest LCD at this point in time, this 24.8mm (0.97 inch) display is it. Until, of course, the next thinnest LCD TV comes out some time in 2009, and then you'll be stuck with the second thinnest, then third thinnest, until one day you're left with little miss fatty and you're asking yourself why you spent so much money on such a heifer. Who wants that? Nobody, that's who. [AVING via GizmoWatch via Fast Company]



im surprised they haven't gone with an exponential contrast ratio yet.

there's always 2009 for that