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Lightning Round: Smartphone Experts iPhone Headphone Adapter

Illustration for article titled Lightning Round: Smartphone Experts iPhone Headphone Adapter

The Gadget: Smartphone Experts' Headphone Adapter for the iPhone.

The Price: $9.99

The Catch: It's probably the shortest adapter out now (bottom), being neither twisty like the Griffin and Helium Digital, or really long like Belkin's (top). In fact, it's pretty much the only adapter that's not bendable.


The Verdict: if you're looking for an adapter that's as small as possible by sacrificing the bend-ability of Belkin's adapter (it makes the Smartphone Experts' adapter easier to break), this is for you. Sound quality on par as Belkin's when tested in our iPod docks and car adapters, and the short length makes it fit nicely into our pants pockets. It's fantastic if you want something to sit on your car's tape adapter all the time, if you're looking for something to go walking or jogging with, the rigidness of this adapter poses a risk for breakage. Be aware of that when purchasing.


[Smartphone Experts]

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Okay, I don't get it— not being an iPhone user. What is this for??