Limited Edition 007 Omega Seamaster

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I'm trying to get better photos of this Seamaster, but until then, here you are. This is a limited edition piece, only 10,007 made (har har!) that retails for $3,450 (double har har!). The face is embossed with the James Bond camera iris rifle barrel thingy and the seconds hand has a little 007 on the end. There's a 007 logo on the back.

They showed this off this weekend in Beverly Hills and it was made in honor of the upcoming Bond movie, You'll Pay Your Good Money AGAIN to See Someone Who Isn't Sean Connery Run Around With Models. It's a COSC certified watch, which means it's supposed to be extremely accurate, and it has a helium escape valve for if you're diving more than 1000 feet. I personally love a good Omega, but this seems to be a bit much even for my semi-rarified tastes.


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