Illustration for article titled Limited Edition Wall-E Roomba From Japan Sucks in More Ways Than One

Limited-edition Wall-E Roomba: that brings to mind a certain image of an already-fairly-cute vacuum bot taking on two puppy dog eyes, an adorable electro-babble voice synth and maybe even an inclination to maintain a little nest of sad artifacts it has horded from your waste in an unseen corner of your giant house. Or at least, um, something that looks like the robot whose actual job was to sweep the floor in the movie? Sadly, this limited edition Wall-E Roomba fails on almost every possible count. Right, all we get here is a regular Roomba 530 with a movie decal slapped on. Cost? ¥84,500 ($850 USD)—about a $550 premium over what the standard 530 will set you back here in the states, sans decal emblazonment. Weeping. Weeping. [Impress Robot Watch (translated)]

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