When Amazon bought mutitouch company TouchCo, it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns. Nay, one of the casualties of the deal was the LinnStrument, a multitouch music maker that's currently in need of funding. Worth it? Take a look: Updated:

The man in the video with the soothing Bob Ross voice is LinnStrument inventor Roger Linn. The LinnStrument is his baby, and this video is meant to attract investors who can help finish the job Amazon killed off in its quest to create a multitouch Kindle.


Updated: Roger wrote to clarify a bit. This is simply a demonstration video. He wanted to discuss the instrument and its features, not necessarily "sell" it to investors in the wake of the Amazon purchase. That said, I wish him well, and hope that someone influential (and/or filthy rich) can help him take this innovative instrument to the next level. [Roger Linn Design via Engadget]

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