Liposuction Doctor Powered His Cars with Human Fat

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A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has started using the human fat left over from liposuction as biofuel to power his SUV. It's the American Dream: turning your fat ass into free gas.


Dr. Craig Allen Bittner claimed that his patients actually requested that their fat be used to power his car. You know, for the environment's sake. But of course, he also recently shut down his practice and moved to South America after becoming the target of a bunch of lawsuits, so he's not exactly the most trustworthy source in the world.

But powering a car with human fat is in fact possible, although the fat, like animal fat, would need to be treated to remove fatty acids. Lots of companies such as Tyson and Nova Biosource are looking to power their own fleets of vehicles with the animal waste that they produce already.

But really, the main question is this: what did it smell like to drive behind Bittner's Navigator? I'm not sure I want to know. [Forbes]


Jonathan Merchant