Illustration for article titled Lipstick, Meet Pig: The $18,000 Diamond-Encrusted iPod nano Watch Now Exists

So anyway, this is a real thing. It's an $18,000 diamond-encrusted wristband that transforms your comparatively cheap iPod nano into a wristwatch and you into a pretentious money-wasting douchebag. Magic!


Don't like diamonds? Too gaudy? No worries. The folks at ZShock are more than willing to work with you and your discerning tastes and custom orders that implement different metal and stone combinations are entirely available. The entire handcrafted process takes about three to four weeks per piece.

Go to town! Flash that bling. Be the first kid on your block who can say they were mugged over a diamond-encrusted music player that kind of doubles as a watch but not really. [BGR]


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