Liquid-Pumping Bellows Are a Mesmerizing Alternative to a Smartwatch

If watch craftsmanship to you has nothing to do with how thin a company can make an LCD touchscreen's bezel, then you're probably already aware of the wonderful creations made by a company called HYT. To make its horological masterpieces really stand out the company uses pistons and bellows to pump colorful liquid through tubes to tell the time. And its latest watch, the H3, goes well past drool-worthy.

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HYT's latest creation, revealed at Baselworld 2015, appears to have more going on in the background than what you'll find under the hood of your car. A pair of piston-powered bellows are used to slowly fill a clear tube with a neon green liquid that's used to display the hour. But since the watch only tells time in the 24-hour format, a row of rotating cubes spin into place as the day progresses. It's overkill, for sure, but that's what the 25 people willing to spend just north of $292,000 on this watch are looking for.

Other notable features include a power reserve good for about 170 hours before the watch needs to be wound, and a horizontal retrograde minute indicator that looks like a small robotic arm that snaps back to the left as the top of the hour rolls past. There are so many gears, mechanisms, and movement going on in the H3 that you'll never be without a distraction to help the hours tick away while you watch the minutes tick away.

[HYT via ABlogtoWatch]


Cool. In the '30s the Russians built a computer that ran on fluids.