Litebook for SAD: Chase Those Winter Blues Away

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With those long days of summer slowly turning into the short days of winter, it's just about time for some poor souls to develop seasonal affective disorder, the winter blues that have been appropriately dubbed the acronym SAD. Exposure to certain types of bright lights can fool that circadian rhythm mechanism and suppress the melatonin that brings on the dark clouds of winter, and here's the cure: Litebook, a clinically-proven portable device that SAD sufferers can take with them on the road.

It has 24 bright white LEDs and a stand, along with a clip that lets you attach it to your exercise bike or treadmill, making you feel like you're going for a walk or bike ride on a sunny summer day. Available next month, it'll be $379, or the rechargeable Litebook Charge 'n' Go that gives you two 30 minute sessions per charge is $447.

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