Live at Macworld: Acheive Trendvana With iPod Bluetoothed To Volkswagen

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While we wait for the auto world to bow to the iPod (Jobs plans to have 40% of the new auto market in his grasp by the year's end, and our tire-kicking brother has news on BMW's Apple deal), Ratoc has bluetooth iPod transmitters for the Volkswagen and Toyota factory radios.

The Ratoc iPod Digital Wireless Connection Kit includes the clampable RS-Link1P-VW transmitter, a receiver, and an interface module. Still seems like a lot to hook up just to hear our polka mashups in a Jetta, and we'd like a foam iPod holder for the Beetle's flower cup. But there's no FM static and no extra set of playback controls.


iPod Digital Wireless Kit to Volkswagen Factory Radio [RATOC Systems]
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