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More new product highlights from the Thomson et al press conference. GE Bluetooth Cell Connect System. This will allow users to access their cellphone on their home phone system via Bluetooth. Will support up to 4 additional handsets. Calls can be placed on either the cell or main unit. Allows for conference calls via network, supports up to two Bluetooth enabled cell phones. It allows for calls to be made from both the handsets and the cellphone for conferencing, will be available Fall 2006.

Gyration ultra-small remote control, this is about the size of a USB flash drive that do everything the Gyration mouse did and more. One click will launch the pre-stored presentation and allows up to 80 commands based on hand motions. This was actually pretty hot, if you're into the whole 'surfaceless mousing' thing.


HDV5000 HD DVD Player, expected to ship to retail 2nd quarter this year for $499. This is from the Thomson RCA line.

Jensen MPC400 Receiver, ATSC, NTSC, FM receiver for your laptop or PC for under $300 coming in 2006. This puppy will allow you to watch over-the-air television broadcasts on your laptop (or PC). Not especially new, conceptually—we're much more interested in streaming video over Wi-Fi, which is something Thomson also seems to be pushing with some of their Acoustic Research Products.