Live Futurama in 2009 with the W200 Wrist Computer

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Jason Chen asked me a simple question this morning. "How big of a nerd would you be to use a wearable computer in 2009? In 2030 it's super normal. But in 2009, man."

How big of a nerd, Jason? This big of a nerd. (It's really tough to tell, but I'm pointing at myself right now. OK, technically I'm not, since I use two hands to type. But mentally, oh man, mentally I'm totally pointing at myself with double thumbs.)

Glacier Computer's W200 is a Pip-Boy 3000, or Leela's arm computer, or any of these wrist-worn magical devices—and it exists now. Featuring a 3.5-inch touchscreen, backlit keyboard, Wi-Fi and GPS, the Windows CE or Linux device isn't just a weak portable computer; the inclusion of an electronic compass and energy saving tilt/motion sensor make it ideal for the wilderness explorer who needs to collect some data on the trail (or just the guy who's too lazy to physically open a netbook).


Sure, your smartphone may be smaller and/or more powerful. But the W200 has so much geek cred that you literally will not need to watch another sci fi movie or read another comic book for the next decade. If it only included 3G, I'd be sold. (Pricing and availability are unknown.) [Glacier Computer]

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i don't like the inputs being above the screen, you'd just be getting in your own way. unfortunately the best place for them is on the right of the screen, but that makes it longer. maybe cursor controls below. oh wait, they got these touch screen things now....