Those quirky text-recording "smartpens" from Livescribe got a bit of a boost this morning, with the Pulse line finding itself on the receiving end of a larger 4GB model.

For the unfamiliar, Livescribe's pens record your written word thanks to a tiny on board camera. The cameras also allows the user to interact with special Livescribe notebooks that have Play and record "buttons" printed on their pages. Spoken word is captured by a microphone.


According to the folks at Livescribe, the 4GB model is capable of recording 400 hours of audio. Or, if you're the kind of person who likes playing with your pen, the Pulse can also hold a number of proprietary applications from categories like entertainment (because pens are, by their nature, incredibly fun), educational tools and productivity software. The apps become available "later this year," when Livescribe says their app store open for business.

The magic pens aren't cheap, with the 2GB model going for $170 and the larger 4GB model going for $200. The new color is "titanium," by the way.