Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is Finally Mac Compatible

After promising long ago that Mac software for the Pulse Smartpen was in the works, Livescribe finally delivered on that promise, today announcing that the OS X beta client will be available for download next week. The Mac version of Livescribe Desktop not only does the same things it's PC counterpart can do (digitized notes, Paper Replay audio syncing, handwriting recognition), but it has a couple of new tricks up it's sleeve as well. The Mac version of Livescribe desktop can export audio as an AAC file or export your notes as a PDF (via OS X built-in function). This gives users the option of sharing their files with people who may not have a Livescribe smartpen or the software. These same features are planned for PC users eventually, but for now, they're exclusive to the Mac. I also had the chance to get a quick hands on with the new Mac software and found it to be fairly smooth and polished, despite still being in beta. The software is laid out in a manner similar to iTunes (when you're viewing album covers in a grid), and is very easy to use. Click on a thumbnail and it brings up the notes for that section. If you're looking for a specific section of notes you can do a text search. And if you're only interested in audio, you can bring up a list of recordings. It's nothing radically different from the earlier software, but it's nice to know that Livescribe didn't cut any corners for the Mac version. Not to be outdone by the Mac version, the PC software also comes with a few new features. First, it now has the ability to transcribe your handwriting into text and export it as a document. Livescribe teamed up with Vision Objects to provide a one click handwriting to text transfer of your notes. This feature, like the handwriting search feature, works best with handwriting that's actually legible. It will be available for download on November 24 for an extra $30. They also have plans for an audio transcription service where someone will listen to your recordings and transcribe them (for a fee of course). Release and pricing are still in the works on that. On a more minor note, the 1.4 version of Livescribe Desktop for Windows will now be fully compatible with Vista 64, as users had issues in the past. Users will also be able to print their own paper from Livescribe Desktop for free, eliminating the need to purchase notebooks. As mentioned earlier, the new versions of Livescribe Desktop (Mac and PC) will be available from the Livescribe site on November 24, along with the handwriting-to-text software add on. [Livescribe on Giz]

Useful, Effortless, and Now Mac Compatible – Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen Ready for the Holidays Livescribe to release major new features just in time for Thanksgiving OAKLAND, Calif. – Nov. 17, 2008 – Just in time for the holidays, Livescribe, Inc. ( announced today the public beta of its native Mac desktop application – Livescribe Desktop for Mac. Livescribe also announced key new features for its Pulse smartpen, including handwriting to text transcription software and the ability for consumers to print dot paper notepads for free. From college students to business professionals, from medical workers to detectives, and from parents to attorneys, Livescribe's Pulse smartpen solves the need for a simple, affordable and effective way to never miss a word they hear, write, or speak again. "Given the current state of the economy, people want gifts that solve real problems," said Jim Marggraff, Livescribe's founder, chairman and CEO. "Forty-three percent of people we surveyed between the ages of 25-54 said they are looking for technology gifts that are ‘useful' this holiday season. Pulse fills this need. It's a useful solution for anyone tasked with gathering and organizing information – college students, professionals, or anyone who uses pen and paper." Now Mac Compatible Livescribe Desktop for Mac Public Beta: Just in time for Thanksgiving, Pulse smartpen is now compatible with all Intel-based Mac computers with Leopard OS. Beginning Nov. 24, consumers can download the public beta software for free at The software makes it possible for Mac users to upload their notes and audio recordings, play them back, search for words, and easily browse through digital copies of their notes. Livescribe is inviting all owners to share their feedback on this public beta release through Version 1.0 of the Livescribe Desktop for Mac will be available in Q1 2009. All current and new users of the Pulse smartpen can use Pulse with Mac computers for free. Additional details can be found at New Features for Windows Users Handwriting to Text Transcription: Responding to the number one requested feature among users, Livescribe partner Vision Objects is offering "MyScript for Livescribe" text transcription software, which allows note takers to seamlessly transcribe handwritten notes taken with the Pulse smartpen into text. The software will be available with the Livescribe Desktop for Windows (version 1.4) to be released on Nov. 24. With MyScript for Livescribe, consumers can make edits to the text and even create a personal dictionary of frequently used words, resulting in a more accurate conversion. Once downloaded and purchased from the Vision Objects Web site (, the transcription software is accessible through a toolbar within the Livescribe Desktop application. The text can be copied and pasted into a variety of applications, including Microsoft Word and Outlook. MyScript for Livescribe transcription software can be downloaded as a free 30-day trial or purchased for $29.95. Print Your Own Paper: With the release of Livescribe Desktop for Windows 1.4, consumers have the freedom to print dot paper notepads for free. Dot paper notepads can be printed directly from the Livescribe Desktop toolbar on most color laser jet printers that are Adobe Post Script compatible and print at 600dpi or higher. In addition, Livescribe provides a variety of dot paper notebooks, including lined and unlined journals and college-ruled notebooks for purchase at prices at or near similar paper products. Additional Support: Version 1.4 of the Livescribe Desktop includes full support for Windows XP 32 bit, and Vista 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Livescribe Pulse™ Smartpen Now Ready for Mac OAKLAND, Calif. – Nov. 17, 2008 – Just in time for the holidays, Livescribe Inc. ( marks a major milestone today with the announcement of the public beta launch of its native Mac desktop application – Livescribe Desktop for Mac. Beginning Nov. 24, all existing and new Pulse smartpen owners can download the beta software at for free. The software includes several key features: • Paper Replay – For the first time, Mac users can transfer the notes and recordings they've captured from their Pulse smartpen to their Mac computers to play them back. They can click on their notes with their mouse to hear the conversation play back while their notes and drawings animate in the order they were written. • Page Viewing – From within Livescribe Desktop for Mac, note takers can view virtual pages of their notebooks. They can zoom in and out of their notebook pages to easily find and browse through their notes. • Search – Mac consumers can search for key words within their notes to easily find and recall specific information. The Mac version of Livescribe Desktop also offers two additional features not available in the Windows version. First, Mac users will have the ability to export their recordings into AAC audio files – so they can listen to them privately via iTunes or an iPod. Mac users can also export their notes as PDF files directly from the Desktop app.


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